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Why Should You Get

Home Inspection

A Preview Of The House You Will Move Into
Below are just a few of the benefits of Getting a home Inspection 

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Air condition & Heat
Structual Components 
Hidden Mold

Prevent a small thing from becoming a Big Thing

With home inspection, you can catch things you normally wouldn't catch during your orientation walk.

Have you ever had an appliance leak?

excessive amounts of water at short period of time can cause flooding throughout your home.

Are you worried about a leaking pipe causing a flood?

Knowing where your water shut off valves are located can prevent a huge disaster.

Are you paranoid that the air conditioner may not be working

Las Vegas summers can get to above 100 degrees, and the air condition is the last thing you want to worry about.

Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu
Real estate home inspection report of resale residential property condition with professio
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